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There's not much I can personally do to change the reality that many people in their 20s and 30s don't know what they want, don't know themselves and will jump out the window the second that plane engine makes the slightest cough.

What I can do, however, is try to be more efficient with my time and emotions by presenting the truest version of myself from day one. I want to be the Cool Girl — you know, the hot and understanding one that doesn't mind if you don't ask me any questions for three straight hours.

How will I present myself as the perfect reflection of what he's looking for if I'm wearing fucking A second painful rejection ultimately freed me from that line of thinking, and I made a promise to myself to wear my favorite overalls on every first date for the rest of my tragically unattached life.

And then something magical happened: Not only did removing outfit options take a weight off my shoulders, but the overalls also served as an excellent litmus test for boys.

At one scene in the motel, a smashed watermelon is visible by the bed with no explanation as to why or how it got there.

This is because the scene involving the watermelon gag was cut, but the smashed watermelon is still in the shot.

I started wearing them about two days a week, and they quickly became a staple — a personal signature among my friends and coworkers.

On one early summer day, I decided I shouldn't rely on this pact with myself any longer.But if I perform the role of the Cool Girl for several weeks and then said millennial companion flings himself from the cockpit when I finally let slip that I am a community of loosely held organs controlled by impulsive and paranoid hormones, then I've wasted everyone's time. When I dived head first into the dating world a year ago — after being forcefully ejected from a longish relationship — I was at a loss about what to wear on proper first dates.A dress can feel too ladylike; skinny jeans too basic; boyfriend jeans too frumpy; shorts too revealing, etc.And, worst of all, none of those felt like an accurate representation of me — whoever that is. In December 2014, I bought a pair of Frame skinny black denim overalls during the Net-a-Porter holiday sale.Sure, I was late to the overalls trend, but I didn't care.

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