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The whole idea is that we need every little bit of everything we can get to stay on that path, because it’s that narrow."In fact, the message of the ring is so important to Gladys that even when she has to take it off, she doesn't let it lay down, but gives it to an assistant to keep until she can put it back on herself.Gladys's assistant Zora, whom she calls Blondie, started wearing the ring as the best way to keep it from getting lost." But just how did her gold and diamond CTR ring come to be?

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When she then reminisced about Michael Jackson it might have got maudlin, though The Jackson 5’s I’ll Be There lifted the mood.Perhaps not for the first time, Knight pointed out that she had a hit with I Heard It Through The Grapevine in 1967 — before Marvin Gaye — and she squeezed every last drop of soul from it.Her older brother and former Pip, Merald Knight, was just as spry during an excitable guest performance of Pharrell’s Happy. But we bet you didn't know all seven of these fun tidbits about the "Empress of Soul."Gladys was first introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by her children--and she loved the simplicity of Gospel concepts, in particular, the slogan CTR.And I thought wow, what a concept."Though still new to the Church, immediately she said, “'I want one of those.' And then I found out that you could have one of those, it wasn’t just for the kids!

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