Updating projects and events from previous versions of imovie

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Long story short, after seeing the AVR display change from "PCM" (mini was set for 8ch (7.1) output) to "Analog" (losing HDMI audio) after sleep (no restore of HDMI/PCM audio on wake), instead of rebooting, what I found restored HDMI audio again was switching the Sound Prefs Output to "Built-In", putting the mac to sleep/waking it up and then switching sound prefs back to HDMI.(Just toggling the sound output prefs setting alone did not help.) But that's not really any faster than restarting.If you want to sync your information across multiple devices and computers, you should use one or more of these methods.These include i Cloud, Card DAV servers, Cal DAV servers, and servers that utilize the Exchange Active Sync protocol." About Menu Bars on All Monitors in Mavericks (How to Disable/Enable): I've not ran dual displays in OS X 10.9 yet, but some didn't like the feature to have the menu bar on each display.

(BC/Windows 8.1 reports 1.6GB vram he said.) See below for docs on OS X/Mavericks, i Cloud/Keychain, Apple Remote Desktop, Safari 6.1, OS X Server 3.0, Garage Band 10.0, Keynote 6.0, i Movie 2013/10.0, i Photo 9.5, and more. ) I didn't know about that change either although I will not use it on that mini (the only Mac I have with 10.9).In our previous post, we discussed important changes to the most recent version of Final Cut Pro, and how those changes affect your video editing workflow.In this post we will have a similar discussion about the changes to the new version of i Movie.So I booted into Safe mode (shift key at boot, runs fsck and clears caches iirc) and that fixed the problem - Verify on the boot SSD now shows the usual disk OK message when it completes.(Before it didn't show any message it had completed.) No HDMI Audio after Wake from Sleep (w/workaround): This problem was also reported after OS X 10.8.5 update (said fixed w/Suppl.

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