Sharepoint 2016 itemupdating afterproperties benefits of dating an artist

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This sample shows adding the remote event receiver to the host web by clicking button in the provider hosted add-in, but this could be done also automatically either when the site or site collection is provisioned; or when the add-in is installed by using add-in Installed and Handle add-in Uninstalling properties of the Visual Studio solution.Visual Studio will then add a new WCF service to your web application project named App Event So, it appears it is not the only trick up their sleeve…If you ever tried getting the title or name columns in a document library you will quickly notice After Properties and Before Properties will always return null. forum=sharepointdevelopmentprevious And at the very bottom, there is an answer by Helm Ifort that I found very interesting.But, when the list is being updated by code, and the code does not update the “Email” (for example, the code just updates “First Name” in the list) then properties. To String() will have the correct look up value like “3;#karthik”, but the value of properties. To String() will have only “3” (just the look up ID).After Properties[“Email”] will be NULL in the event receiver code.

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Everything was working as expected when an item was updated from the edit form but when the list item was updated from the button, then the event handler was throwing an error.

It appears the title column value is available in After Properties, only you have to use the “vti_title” name for it! ) In my book, this is a bug, and an undocumented one at the very least…

I hope someone fixes it soon, but for now it is one of those things seasoned Share Point sharks need to remember.

This scenario shows how an add-in can use the add-in Installed event to perform additional work in the host web, such as attaching event receivers to lists in the host web.

For more information on this scenario, see the blog post:

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