Heechul dating sohee

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[ 1,974, -77] Probably because he has such a feminine and chatty image? [ 593, -23] What woman would be crazy enough to go out with him when he has so many female friends and he's all touchy touchy with them all the time like playing with their hair, putting his arm over their shoulders, claiming he can trade his life for them...I seriously hate guys who are good to every girl they know.On this day, he confirmed that Wonder Girls member Sohee was still his ideal type, saying, "I have seen many other girl group members, but there is no one like Sohee." It is true that Sohee has a very unique charm and charisma.SEE ALSO: Heechul to talk about celebrity dating including Sulli & Choiza on 'Ssul Jeon'Park So Hyun revealed that EXO's Xiumin was known to look very similar to Sohee.Fans know that Heechul has been naming Sohee for years as his ideal type, and it seems he still hasn't changed his mind. She's just a symbol of an oasis in the life of entertainment."When host Lee Young Ja asked him how he'd feel if Sohee was dating fellow guest Min Kyung Hoon, Heechul was speechless, making everyone laugh. I never thought heenim still had Sohee as his ideal type, I thought that would have changed now over the years when he hangs out with so many girls, Thats being loyal having the same ideal type as years ago My favorite So Heechul moments were on Family Outing 2 when Heechul sang to her and treated her like a princess during the game in the river.

In 2007, She was revealed as a 3rd member of Wonder Girls, a girl group managed by JYP Entertainment after two years of training.

This turned out to be none other than Ladies' Code's maknae, Zuny.

Heechul also revealed later on that he considered joining MBC's 'We Got Married' and even had a meeting with the production crew.

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On the November 22nd episode of tv N's 'Taxi', Heechul revealed, "Since I have intense double eyelids, I like women with no double eyelids," and mentioned Sohee as his ideal type.

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