Facetime usernames of sluts dating someone with anger management issues

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When it’s hard to post selfies on Snapchat or Instagram without being really really bait about thinking you look good – which arguably, shouldn’t even be a problem – Snapchat filters give us all a more subtle way of showing off.

Understandably, most of the girls who enjoy them are pretty pissed off that this is another thing to put on the list marked “Beware: Things you do which people find basic/slutty/annoying”.

Whenever I’m having a bad hair day or one of those days where your face just looks shit I can get home and throw on some PJs and and instantly feel like a princess. The dog filter – and others, like the Coachella flower crown, or the Emperor crown – make me look prettier.

Everyone knows you don’t look that good in a real life.” And here we are again, the term “basic” being a dragged up as a term for girls who like to look attractive, god forbid.

I spoke to some filter die-hards, and the consensus was – we’re not gonna stop, they make us look good, please please stop complaining on Twitter about it now.

I’m unapologetic for wanting to look hot and using a Snapchat filter to do so.

Snapchat is a fun way of keeping your friends up to date.

It’s narcissistic by nature – whether you’re taking a video of the cool place you’re at, or a picture of you and your crew on a big night out.

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