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My name is jacob and im here looking for help with my addictions.Ive been addicted for about 4 years and ive been trying hard to stop.I don't use Reddit but there's 100,000 people here so it might be really helpful UT Dallas has an article with some sex addiction resources on the bottom as well! I think it's super healthy to be aware of this problem and work towards resolving it!!Positive reinforcement and behavioural therapy can be very helpful!Every day that you don't masturbate / watch porn, she can give you a small treat at the end of the day!

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Some of them being religious views, sexual orientations issues etc.Recently i went 2 months clean without porn, but not masturbation. The sad part is that ive kinda given up on stopping.Ive lost my motivation nd i just feel empty and wasted.I prayed and fasted on my own several times for several years until the Lord really answered my prayers.Now, I have hope of the future glory of His coming.

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