Best introduction message online dating

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Like the terrorists above, scammers are not the "nice guys" they make themselves appear to be.

When they don't get what they want from you, they can be very mean and many times threatening.

Scammers try to work very fast in most cases and IM is much faster than conversating through emails and web site messages.

One of the biggest advantages scammers have is that many, many people do not read profiles.

Even if they want to "send you something, a surprise".

This is a very common tactic used by scammers to get your information.

Your disregard for member safety & your hunger for member numbers to boast about enables us to reach the 1000's of innocent peoples we scam so we have more money to terrorize the world Be aware of a scammer posing as Kenneth O. This is cause for immediate deletion of your account with no warning or notification.Our Mission is to increase scammer awareness and warn as many people as we can.Since our beginning, we have accumulated 10's of 1000's of scammers and the list is growing every day.Today, scammers have a much better way to reach more people on a more personal level through social networking and dating web sites.All of us here at Pig Busters would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to those of you who support this web site and its mission to increase scammer awareness by your positive comments, sharing your experiences and reporting scammers to us so the information can be posted to warn others.

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