Asking a girl for her number online dating

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It’s one of the best ways to establish communication with girls you’ve just met – as well as confirming that you have a working, valid number.

You can use it to build comfort or intrigue in order to help get her excited and eager to meet with you face-to-face.

Similarly, if she’s willing to move around with you – to another section of the book store, back to the bar to grab a drink, to a quieter section of the party where you can talk – it’s a strong indicator that not only is she interested, but that she trusts you…

and therefor she’s more likely to pick up when you call after getting her number.

If you're finding it tricky to work up to courage to ask for numbers, don't despair.

Even the very best, most glowingly confident "players" once struggled with the very same thing.

I’ve mentioned before that I encourage giving girls teasing nicknames as a part of flirting; using that nickname here helps re-establish not only who you are and how you met but also works well as call-back humor. The text ping doesn’t have to be terribly complex or crazy – just a little reminder of who you are.

When you ask for someone's number, you face the possibility of embarrassment from rejection, which can sting even if you barely know the person whose number you're after.Once you’ve gotten more used to talking to girls and mastering phone game and texting, you’ll be amazed at just how easy it can be to go from basic teasing and flirting to surprisingly intense sexual topics and role-play.I have set up dates and hook-ups with girls I had met while out solely via text, just by escalating the sexual nature of our texts back and forth.By learning a few simple tricks for asking for numbers (and knowing what not to do), it's not hard to vastly improve your confidence in this situation.If there’s one thing that guys obsess upon, it’s the “getting the girl’s number”. Obviously, before any of this comes in to play, you have to her number in the first place…

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